Shrine Treasurers Association

Annual July Meeting

The 2018 Annual meeting will be held in Dayton Beach FL in conjunction with the 143rd Imperial Session of the Shrine Imperial Council.

2018 Tentative STA  Agenda



Daytona Beach, FL

Saturday- July 14th         4:00 -               Executive Committee Meeting

Ormond Boardroom

Room: Tomoka A & B

Sunday – July 15th                     

7:30 AM          Buffet Breakfast

8:00                 Annual Meeting – Call to Order                      President AJ Bovio


                                    Presentation of Colors                                     2nd VP Bruce Wiggins          


                                    Invocation                                                       3rd VP Vic Hopper


                                    Announcements (housekeeping)                     President AJ Bovio    


                                    Introductions of Guests / Dignitaries             President AJ Bovio


                                    Introduction of New Treasurers                      1st VP Bill Wheeler


                                    Secretary / Treasurers Report                         Secretary / Treasurer Bob Bulman


                                    Necrology Report                                            4th VP Gary Morgan


            8:45                 By-laws Revision Vote

                                    Policy and Procedures Revision Vote

                                    Proposed Budget Approval Vote


            9:00 – 11:30    Imperial Officers Reports:


                                    Imperial Sir BRAD KOEHEN Imperial Treasurer


                                    ROBERT O. KUEHN General Counsel


JON S. HANSON Chairman, Jurisprudence and Laws Committee


            10:00               Break


9:00 – 11:30    JOHN C. PILAND Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer


                                    Imperial Sir JERRY G. GANTT Hospital Chairman


                                    Imperial Sir GARY J. BERGENSK Imperial Potentate


            11:30                Unfinished Business                                        President AJ Bovio


                                    Topics for 2019 Spring Seminar                      President & 1st VP      


                                    2019 Shrine Treasurers Association March 23-25 Holiday Inn Tampa FL


            11:55               Invocation                                                       3rd VP Vic Hopper


            12:00               Adjourn                                                           President AJ Bovio