Shrine Treasurers Association


The Shrine Treasurers Association (STA) has two business meetings each year.  Legislation and other business may be considered at either of the meetings, however the March (Mid-Year Seminar) meeting is reserved for election of officers as well as the educational seminar.  The Annual July meeting is typically the meeting where we consider the adoption of our budget in addition to legislative matters and the briefings from the Imperial officers regarding matters to come before the Imperial Session.

For information on either of the two scheduled meetings select below for detailed information.


July MeetingAnnual meeting held in conjunction with Imperial Session.


March Meeting  Registration Form





2022 Imperial Session (STA Annual Meeting July 3) July 2 - 8, 2022 Minneapolis MN.

2022 Shrine Treasurers Association Mid-Year Seminar March 4 - 8, 2022



About Us


The first organizational meeting of the Association was held during the 1984 Imperial Session in Boston, MA.  The Charter was approved by the Imperial Council on November 5, 1985.  The first President was Paul Gianaris (Sphinx), the first Secretary-Treasurer was A. D. W. "Bert: Foord (Wa Wa).


STA publishes a newsletter three times a year to update its members on upcoming events and new changes that effect us in the performance of our jobs as Treasurers of our Temples

STA has a Mid-Year seminar for the education of both new and seasoned Treasurers on information and procedures that are vital to the operations of our Temples.  The Association's business is also handled at this meeting, along with the election of officers.

STA holds its Annual Meeting in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of Shrine International.  At that meeting we handle the business of the Association, however most of the business is handled at the Spring seminar.


Membership in the Association is limited to all regularly elected and accredited active Treasurers of all Shrine Temples, as vouched for by the Imperial Recorder.

In case of the retirement of any Treasurer who is a member of this Association, his membership shall advance to his successor upon proper certification by his Temple.

Dues are due and payable at the beginning of each calendar year and cost only $150.00 (US).

Treasurers of other Shrine Associations may belong to STA as an Associate member.  The dues are $100.00 per year, and the member is entitled to all rights and privileges, except the right to hold office.